We believe that building design provides a unique opportunity for clients to energize and empower their organization. VITAL’s process, combining architecture and engineering with ideas taken from product and UX design, drives that opportunity. We use our vast network of strategic resources to make beautiful, intelligent spaces that strengthen our client companies.

VITAL seeks clients who want to become designers of great buildings.

Our Process


1. Discovery

Every project starts with discovery. We listen, we observe and we interview stakeholders to understand what success means. We then produce a video narrative that expresses what the project should achieve.


2. Define

Once we agree on what we need to achieve, we work with you to define a successful project strategy that matches your ambitions, schedule and resources. We author a roadmap and use it to reveal key challenges and opportunities that will drive the project.


3. Design

Building upon the clear direction and strategy we shape together, our team of talented designers proposes design solutions that make your organization better.


4. Implement

We partner with highly skilled specialists to advance and refine our design solutions. Once construction begins, we remain in an active oversight role as we rely on craftsmen and contractors to build out the design.


5. Refine

Our clients have ambitious design goals. As a result, there are new elements in each project that must be tuned to fit. We stick around and work with our clients to make things just right.